Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cheyenne's first tooth

We are very excited about Cheyenne's first tooth. She is trying to cut another one, but it hasn't poked through yet. She is chewing on everything right now. I think it's because her daddy told her she couldn't eat pizza until she got teeth, so I think that she is trying to do that as fast as she can. She really wants what we are eating.


  1. Hey Patty!! Your baby girl is darling!! Oh I love that face!!! CONGRATS on #2! Dang! Thats great it's gonna be another girl. I'll send ya an invite to my blog... and link ya to mine now! It's great seeing your lil' fam!!

  2. So i guess you were not trying to keep me out lol. I just thought it was wired that I could not get in your blog. well it is coming alotng very cute. Well talk at you later. love ya